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Re: summary of the problem...

On Sun, Apr 18, 1999 at 12:14:36AM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

(first of all i hope that the Cc: field doesn't mailbombing
anybody :-))

> I consider "free except for the prohibition on derivatives" an oxymoron. The
> essential property of DFSG-freeness is the possibility to derive a new work
> using all or parts of the original work.

Yes i'm agree that this is one of the fundamental points of DFSG, but
the oxymoron according to me is the licence of LDP, that has an
internal contradiction where talks about ``probition of derivatives''
and ``redistribution'' ... a redistribution is a derivative ...

I think that this part of the licence of LDP=20

    02.  Any  translation  or derivative work of The Linux Net-
         work Administrators' Guide must be approved by the au-
         thor in writing before distribution.

  was put to protect the author's work for a sort of commercial 
  abuse (i suppose in other books)

  Btw if i remember there was a mail from lars wirzenius (the new
  coordinator of LDP) about a possibility of change of licence in LDP

   in this way i can put the guides in non-free and waiting for 
   a change of licence ...
   > I also know that there is a
   > large part of us who disagree with me here, and they
   > have some good
   > arguments, too. Mmmh.

  maybe we can put this discussion in our ``carnet'' ...

btw a filosofical question: a poem or a picture can be ``released'' under G=
PL ?

best regards

Andrea Fanfani

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