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Re: MWPL - Metrowerkz Publick License

well, the mwpl does not explicitly make linking a derivation, so it does
have the 'link-with-non-free-modifications' loophole a la npl. however, i
do like the fact (at least i do when i'm wearing my gpl-liking hat, which
is sometimes) that it requires contributors to licence their modifications
under the mwpl, *and* provide licence to use the code under any applicable
patents they own (sadly, it doesn't require a licence to use further
improvements under the patent, but one can't be perfect, and it *is* a good
bonus). i also like the requirement that you provide information about any
applicable ip claims you know about when distributing it; the 'that you know
about' is important and keeps it dfsg-free, imo.

they are a bit shaky in determining adequate means of distribution, for the
source and especially the LEGAL notice ("other steps, such as notifying
appropriate mailing lists or newsgroups"... pretty vague), but nothing too
bad, i don't think.

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