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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

Quoting Chip Salzenberg <chip@perlsupport.com>:

> According to John Hasler:
> > I also find it a bit worrisome that you could misjudge such an
> > obviously non-free license.
> == I don't speak for OSI on this, not yet anyway ==
> We assumed that the export clause was a no-op, given that Apple is a
> US corporation.  We were, apparently, wrong.  We're hackers, not
> lawyers.  (But we are looking to get a lawyer involved from now on.)
> Besides, hindsight is 20/20 -- if the export clause is so 'obviously'
> an OSD violation, why is it only now a subject of public debate?

Mostly because this was one of the first license specifically using
the OSD as a trademark, more specifically, with a specific one. However,
it's not the first time this issue is debated in Debian regarding the
DFSG. In fact, I think I first see one of this issue even before the
DFSG. It's so in the spirit of Debian (which, I supposed, is the same 
spirit on which the OSD is build) that's why we find this so obvious.

Also, IIRC, we just have to suggest to change his license, explaining
them he *don't need* to say that the licensees should not broke the law
with it, and he made the change.
[sorry for my English, I'm not really sure if I explain it correctly.]

Please looks for 'embargo' in oldest mail archives, I think you can find 
something (not sure, I don't check myself :-/). BTW, you have to understand
that not all licenses we discuss here make the headlines, we aren't the
Supreme Court of Free License (although sometime... ;-). Do you even
know that we even make the vim license change because of the postcard
clause? And it's not because vim aren't a popular software!


So it's mine.

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