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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

> > it is non free because it requires those who wish to distribute
> > modified code to perform a service for a particular entity, apple.
> So does the BSD advertising clause.

subtle difference: the bsd advertising clause (which few people like anyway)
only requires a service for -advertisement-. you can distribute the software
as much as you want without doing anything for the author. ditto for
modifying it. all i can't do is take "frobniz", written by joe developer and
placed under the bsd licence, modify it in some way, release it as
"phouchgniz", and then advertise phouchgniz as if it were in fact written by
me alone; i have to give joe some credit.

this isn't cool, but it's not fatal. requiring me to make the author happy
just to modify and distribute code *is*.

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