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Re: New Copyleft License

Martin Schulze wrote:
> I haven't read the license but it might be wise to know if we can
> consider it DFSG free or not before the first package using it arrives.
> It may be also a good idea to set up a web page that describes why
> we don't consider it as DFSG free if we don't do, so maintainers
> can point to that address.

It's rather obviously non-free:

  Distribution of the source code either on its own or as a part
  of a collection with other works for profit is strictly forbidden
  (unless accompanying the work in executable or object form as per
  section 2.b).


  You MAY NOT distribute this work for profit as an executable or in
  object form either on its own or as part of a collection with other
  works without first establishing a distribution agreement with the
  steward for the work.

Richard Braakman

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