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Re: [URGENT] Logo license


On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> I'm afraid I've let this linger way to long... People: we need
> logo licenses, and soon!

Aye, I've noticed. *scribbles in notebook more and more* I need more hours
in the day! AGH! ;P
> I propose we start by determining what will be (dis)allowed in the
> licenses and then write it up properly.

Okay, time for the resident 'who-knows-what-license-he-supports-really'
guy to pop up with his $0.02USD. ;)

> How about this for a simple start:

A good start.. here's my idea.

1. Anyone may use the Debian logo to either promote or label a
   directly-Debian related software, hardware, or other product.

   1a. Directly-Debian related is defined as officially being a part of
       Debian, Software in the Public Interest, or other legal entities
       recognized by Debian or SPI.

   1b. Use of the Debian logo in multi-distribution CD sets (ie; Debian,
       Slackware, and Stampede) is permitted, providing that no one logo
       is more prominent than any other logo.
       1b1. Prominence is determined only by size. For example, a CD set
            with four logos at 1 square inch each on the cover, including
            the Debian logo, is permissable. A CD set with a 2 square inch
            Debian logo, and three other 1 square inch logos is not

2. Use of the Debian logo to promote a commercial product is expressly
   prohibited without the prior written consent of either Debian or SPI.

   2a. Commercial products are defined as those products which are
       commercial in nature, and sold for profit. For example, Cheap*Bytes
       would be allowed to use the Debian logo for their $1.99 Debian CD.
       They would NOT be allowed to use the Debian logo for a CD set
       containing Debian and AcceleratedX, or Debian and ApplixWare, for
       example, unless given written consent.

3. Use of the Debian logo to link to the Debian website is permissable, as
   is use of the logo to link to email addresses of recognized Debian
   developers, as is use of the logo to link to Debian FTP sites or files.

So there you have it folks. What exactly does all that semi-legalese mean?

Any Debian developer can use the Debian logo to promote their package. Any
user or developer may use the Debian logo to link to any Debian related
resource. Any CD manufacturer can put the Debian logo on their Debian CDs.
Someone selling CD sets like Debian + ApplixWare must obtain written
permission from Debian and/or SPI to use the logo. 

So, in short, anybody can use the logo in a way that I personally believe
is positive to Debian, ie; linking to us, linking to resources, etc.
Anyone who wants to use the logo to enhance sales of a commercial product,
has to ask.

You'll have to pardon my ignorance of the exact business structure and
relationship between Debian and SPI. It's my understanding that they're
nearly one and the same, and that SPI can give permission in place of
Debian. If this is wrong, please feel free to correct me. 

As always, comments, feedback, etc are welcome. PLEASE *PLEASE* CC me if
you only email debian-legal, as I am NOT subscribed there. Also, please
don't anticipate a quick reply. It's VERY likely that I will be accepting
a new job in just over an hour and a half, so anticipate me being pretty
busy for a bit. If I do accept the position, I'm going to be quite
literally overwhelmed by paperwork for the next week to week and a half.

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