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Re: [HUMOR?] A licence for sources only

On Mon, Feb 08, 1999 at 05:24:15PM +0100, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> Found in a package:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --- Distribution terms
> CDda is distributed under the terms of the NPNWPL licence. Basicaly
> this licence is the second version GNU Public License modified by the
> following terms:
>         - The program can't be distributed in a packetized form (RPMs,
>           DEBs, etc.).
>         - The program can't be distributed in binary except if it is
>           part of a non optionnal operating system installation.
>         - The program can't be ported, compiled, executed, stored
>           on/in any computer running Microsoft operating systems or
>           any other product sold by this company or it's subsidiaries.

I sure hope this is a joke.  It's horribly non-free, the 3rd point
conflicts with the 2nd point (you can not download the OS components to a
windoze box in order to install them and replace windoze for example)

If this is supposed to be funny, I'm not laughing.  This sort of crap can
and likely will harm us in the long run.

Anticipation is the sweetest form of torture...

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