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Re: Postilion Copyright Troubles

On  8 Feb, Marco van Hylckama Vlieg wrote:
> This license seems like an ok way to go. We could also add some sort of
> moral message to the notice, stating that it's allowed to use the graphics in
> other software but that it's considered somewhat lame to steal the look
> from an existing program. That combined with the OC license is something
> I could live with.

I have done the following for the next release of Postilion, 0.9.1,
which will be out either today or tomorrow:
  1) I have replaced the offending COPYRIGHT.images file with the OPL
     version 1.0
  2) I have placed a second copy of the OPL, named COPYRIGHT, in the
     images directory.
  3) I have added the following verbiage to the README file in the main
       "While it is allowable under the OPL license to utilize the image files from 
        the Postilion distribution in another program, it's considered somewhat 
        lame to take the look from an existing program."
  4) I have added a README file to the images directory with that same
     verbiage in it.

I think this will please everyone.  I am glad that we were able to come
to an understanding.  I find it rewarding that while Eric Raymond spend
some large amount of time discussing Ego, and its importance in feeding
the development of Open Source software, here we were able to put ego
aside and reach a reasonable compromise.
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