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Postilion Copyright Troubles


A problem exists with me making a debian package for postilion. The new 
copyright for the graphics files is not compatible with the Debian Free 
Software Guidelines. This means that the postilion package will need to be 
taken out of the Main Debian Distribution and placed in a non-free 
distribution that is not shipped on the CDROM's. The only way I will be able 
to fix this is if the copyright for the graphics files is changed to be less 

I want to also let you know that at least one debian developer who is using 
postilion intends to stop doing so until the program once again becomes 
completely free. I am also upset because I have been happily using postilion 
for more than a year now and consider it the only truly good free mail reader. 
But now the program is not free.

I also want to let you know that there is some doubt as to if the new graphics 
copyright and the GPL are compatible. It may not be possible to include the 
graphics files in a GPL'd package such as postilion. Much the same as the 
KDE/QT troubles until the QT copyright was changed.

We (debian) would ask that you consider changing the new copyright for the 
graphics files.

I would offer my assistance in whatever way I can. May I help you with a new 
set of graphics files that are free? May I ask the graphics author to change 
his copyright to something less restrictive.

I would also ask if you cc: debian-mail@lists.debian.org on any reply to this 

Dale James Thompson <thompd1@texhoma.net>

"The bad reputation of UNIX has gotten is totally undeserved, laid on by people
who don't understand, who have not gotten in there and tried anything."
		-- Jim Joyce

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