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Re: lprng license

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

   David Starner wrote:
   > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------8<=
   > > LPRng  is  distributed  under the GNU software license for
   > > non-commercial use, the Artistic License for limited  com=AD
   > > mercial  use.   Commerical support and licensing is avail=AD
   > > able through Patrick Powell <papowell@sdsu.edu>.
   > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------8<=
   > What's so strange? How I understand it is that you can use it under the
   > GPL or Artistic License. If you need support or want to include it in a
   > program without following the Artistic or GPL, then email him and he'll
   > hook you up - probably for a hefty fee. Still, completely DFSG-free.

   No, it's strange.  "under the GNU software license for non-commercial use".
   No such license exists.

I think you're obfuscating the meaning of that phrase.  To me, it is
clear that he means that you can use the GNU GPL if you don't need to
incorporate LPRng into a commercial product.

   In any case, the text makes clear that commercial use is limited.
   This is not free.

The GNU GPL does limit commercial use--you can't incorporate GPL'd
code into your commercial product if you aren't going to distribute
source code and the right to redistribute.  This is, IMO, what the
author is referring to.

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