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Re: GPLed gettext.


My main concern about this issue was that anybody making a diff between
0.10.35-6 and 0.10.35-6.1 could think that I changed on my own the license
of many files from GPLed to LGPLed.

Since GPL is more restrictive than LGPL, and I do not own the copyright
for the gettext package, I'm sure I can't relicense the files in this way.

So I had two choices:

1. Explain in the copyright file that the previously GPLed files in
the intl directory have been replaced by their almost-identical
counterparts from glibc.

2. Change their license back to GPL, so the diffs between one version and
another one seem like an ordinary patch, which just fixes the code without
touching the license.

The solution 2. produced a smaller diff file for the gettext package
and did not require to change the copyright file, so this is the
solution with which I feel more comfortable, and it is what I have
done in gettext 0.10.35-7.


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