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Artistic license

I think I've misunderstood the DFSG all along!
I always thought that the DFSG said a license could not restrict
the selling of the software, but it says:

 The license of a Debian component may not restrict any party from
 selling or giving away the software as a component of an
 aggregate software distribution containing programs from several
 different sources. The license may not require a royalty or other
 fee for such sale.

I thought that restricting the charging of _only_ a redistribution
fee was not DFSG-compliant, yet this is what the Artistic license

   5. You may charge a reasonable copying fee for any distribution of this
   Package.  You may charge any fee you choose for support of this
   Package.  You may not charge a fee for this Package itself.  However,
   you may distribute this Package in aggregate with other (possibly
   commercial) programs as part of a larger (possibly commercial) software
   distribution provided that you do not advertise this Package as a
   product of your own.

I don't know why I posting this.  Perhaps only because I'm
stunned.  How did I get that wrong?  

My question is: Isn't this a big restriction on freedom?


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