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Zope license


Bruce brought up on -private the issue of Zope's license.

Zope's license was discussed before by us.  However, the following (in my
view) salient points are up for discussion.

1) We don't like the attribution clause.  However, it is highly unclear
that it violates the OSD and DFSG, since neither talks about use.

2) It has been claimed that it violates clause 6 - Fields of Endeavour.
In my view, it doesn't, since I believe the intent of the fields of
endeavour clause is to prevent clauses along the lines of 'this software
may not be copied by people in the arms industry'.

3) Is it actually possible for a license (as opposed to a signed contract)
to restrict use?  My understanding was that copyright law was all about

In terms of zope, Bruce will be asking them to consider making the
requirement a suggestion - so don't go flaming them :-)


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