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Re: Qt license okay?

john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith writes:
> > I convinced a friend to release his software under a free license, but he
> > wanted protection in case he later decide to commercialize a version of
> > his software.
> Protection from what?

Suppose it's under GPL and people send it large patches.  He then
has to track those patches and remove them from a derived product sold
under a different license (Since, as I understand it, he would
not be author of the patches and would lose control over that

It's a security blanket.  He's not likely to ever sell it.  He's
been hacking on this and giving away without specifying a license
for 8 years now.  I asked him to formalize a license so that I
could package it for Debian (it's my most-used application nest
to Emacs).

> > The result is as follows (can it go in main? if not, what should we
> > change?)
> Looks ok.

Thanks for your time.


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