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Re: Would this comply with DFSG?

Previously James Troup wrote:
> My original bug report on the subject was #14xxx era.  How long do we
> wait before chucking something in non-free?  e.g. Should we still be
> awaiting resolution on the GPL + Qt linked problem?

At least until the maintainer is aware of the problem. When I took over
the package I wasn't aware of the problem, and the package had enough
problems I needed to work on that I didn't immediately notice it. Later
you said that you were not going to press this. Since you are usually
very fanatic about things like this I did not feel it was a really big
problem. After a license-related issue was brought up on vim-dev I
decided to talk to the vim author again about this. He already agreed to
make one change, but there is still one other change he should make
before vim becomes fully DFSG-free.


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