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Re: Your petition to GPL Qt

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
> KDE can only be redistributed by Debian if Qt is distributable under the
> GPL, or if Qt is `normally distributed with the major components' of
> Debian. The thread up until now has been bickering about just what that
> means in Debian's context -- we've never really thought about that clause
> before. [0]
> [0] For example, we distribute GPLed binaries linked against Motif. We
>     do this because Sun has. Maybe we shouldn't. Maybe Qt is the same,
>     and we shouldn't do that either. But then, if Qt's DFSG free (which
>     it will be as of v2, by the looks of things), maybe we should add
>     Qt support, and dump Motif support. Or maybe not.

Excuse me?

Which binaries are you refering to?

I thought we'd gone over this months ago and that all such binaries had
been pulled or replaced with binaries linked against Lesstif.


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