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Re: Zope Public License

Have you seen the revised version of the Zope Public License
(http://www.zope.org/License/ZPL) ? Appearently, they are aware of the
problem with the adverting and attribution clauses and try to refine their
license to make it more accepted (the changelog is on
http://www.zope.org/License), only that I'm afraid that their
modifications are completely irrelevant to the legal content of the


3. Any use, including use of the Zope software to operate a website,
   must either comply with the terms described below under
   "Attribution" or alternatively secure a separate license from
   Digital Creations.  **Digital Creations will not unreasonably
   deny such a separate license in the event that the request
   explains in detail a valid reason for withholding attribution.**

The last sentence (framed by the stars) was added since the last version 
of the license. Still I doubt it has any relevance in such a legal 
document, not ?

Is anybody here in contact with them over the license ? I guess they are 
getting feedback to zope-license@zope.org since they changed the license, 
and I guess they are in contact with OSI, but maybe a polite statement by 
Debian would be needed, too.

Any ideas how they could rearrange their license so that it fits the DFSG 
while still establishing Zope a brand ?

I'd volunteering to contact them with Debian's POV wrt ZPL if nobody else 
has done yet.


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