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Re: [?]Identify BT Card, enable BT to pair with BT enabled Loudspeaker

Susmita/Rajib wrote:
I need help with BT card identification in my laptop, enable it and
pair it with a BT enabled loudspeaker.

My daughter, a Graphic Designer, does this so easily with her Doze
laptop. Why should it be a problem with Linux, as all the core device
programs are in assembly and c?

I have posted my query as usual in the Debian forums, but that being a
cacophonic fish market, wouldn't yield an encouraging result, as
usual. The post is here:

I assure you that, as always, I shall post a [Solved] post in the
Debian Forums in the end of this experience for future users.

On 06.04.20 08:35, deloptes wrote:
Too many words for nothing. You could mention what model and makes is your

I can agree that it's good to post that info to mailing list, not just links
to forums, especially when first link points to second link, which points to
google drive...

seems your bluetooth is BCM43142A0

mostly people do not read the documents on their machines and in case of BT
they do not know there is a hardware or software switch to enable/disable.

Susmita/Rajib: did you try to install firmware-bluez and firmware-misc-nonfree
to see if they help?

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