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Re: Dell Inspiron 17 3000 Series 3785 problem with X

On 8/14/19 1:06 PM, ernst doubt wrote:
> Thank you for the response Moshe. i was able to succeed this morning
> (using the ip command to get online via ethernet in recovery mode).
Glad to know you got it working.
> After manually configuring my networking, i'm pretty sure the package
> that solved my issue (for the benefit of anyone else stumbling across
> this) was linux-firmware-nonfree -- after installing it, i rebooted and
> X works 

linux-firmware-nonfree is a metapackage. it just pulls in several of the non-free firmware packages.

> (and for the record, there is no /var/log/X directory on my
> laptop -- must be a change with buster (or farther back?)). The file
I'm sorry I wasn't clear I was referring to /var/log/Xorg.(0).log(.old)
> /var/log/daemon.log seemed to have a fair amount of relevant
> information in it though.
> Now i'm off and running with KDE (and couldn't be happier :-])
>     thanks again,
>            ~c


Moshe Piekarski


There's no such thing as a stupid question,

But there are plenty of inquisitive idiots.

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