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Re: Re: Does not Debian support mobile broadband anymore?

I do not know if it is the same kind of problems. And could you tell me how to resolve it? Thank you very much!

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> 发件人: herve <hcouv@viva-vous.net>
> 发送时间: 2017-11-23 18:35:21 (星期四)
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> 主题: Re: Does not Debian support mobile broadband anymore?
> On 23/11/2017 03:14, wglxy@china.com wrote:
> > Hi, everyone,
> >
> > Since my Debian testing was upgraded on Oct 29, the mobile broadband in my laptop could not be used. The mobile broadband is missing in the network-manager UI, and wvdialconf can not configure the broadband either. The message of wvdialconf is as below,
> >
> > **********************************************
> > Editing `/etc/wvdial.conf'.
> >
> > Scanning your serial ports for a modem.
> the last time i saw theses kind of problems whith a wifi card, systemd 
> was taking the precedence of usage of the hardware and other software 
> could not using it.
> maybe the same kind of problems ?
> herve

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