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Re: Issues resuming from hibernation

On Thursday, January 12, 2017 1:43:38 AM CET Richard Waterbeek wrote:
> I noticed that the values there don't seem to have a direct relation
> with the actual brightness.

No, in my case they do relate with brightness.

> What I mean with that is, I tap the function key three times down and
> three times up, the backlight comes back to it's original luminance.
> When I echo to that file the value shown at three times down, the
> backlight changes, but after this, I can't get it to it's original
> setting, with echoing the value that was shown.  After this, by using the
> function key, down and up, till I can tell it is the same luminance,
> then the value shown isn't any longer the same.

This works different in my system. If I reduce the brightness by half with F-
keys, actual_brighness changes from 1388 to 763. If I go back to maximum 
brightness, and then echo 763 to brightness, the screen brightness is indeed 
half, as expected.

> Are you sure you need to switch the backlight off I ask. 

This is what happens with the standard KDE's power management funtionality. 
After some time the system is inactive, the screen is turned off. 

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