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Re: Issues resuming from hibernation

Hi Davide,

I was wondering if you got things working now. I've been reading along
and you made a good move by probing the wireless driver to the kernel
again when your machine comes back from sleep.

I've learned it is better to have nmcli with or without nmtui manage the
wireless connection, I have on top of that Gnome Network Manager, but
WICd also is a proper tool. 

Do you have other strange things going on when the system comes back
from hibernation or is it only the wireless connection that is being
thrown out I wonder.

Richard Waterbeek <richardwbb@versatel.nl>
The Netherlands

solitone schreef op zo 25-12-2016 om 07:53 [+0100]:
> On Saturday, December 24, 2016 5:10:43 PM CET you wrote:
> > Have you tried to add a swapfile to fstab? Just to check if it has
> > something to do with not enough swap.
> Hi Roberto, no, I haven't done it yet, although I'm pretty sure it has not to 
> do with swap size. I'm finding many errors on resume all pointing to something 
> wrong in the management of the network device.
> Cheers & Marry Christmas :-)

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