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Re: I get a black screen and the Laptop continues to be turned on

On Friday,  3 Jul 2015 at 16:06, Gérard ROBIN wrote:


> Can anyone enlighten me how works hibernation in jessie so that I can try 
> to solve this problem ?
> it's a real problem when hibernation is triggered automatically when the 
> battery is low.

Two separate issues: how to get hibernation to work and how to avoid the
problem of hibernation!  I cannot help with you with the former as I
have seldom had success is getting laptops to hibernate, as opposed to
suspend.  For the latter, you should be able to change your system
configuration so that the laptop maybe shuts down instead of hibernates
if the power goes too low?  Shutting down may seem extreme but at least
it will be in a better state.

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