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I get a black screen and the Laptop continues to be turned on

I run jessie xfce4 on my laptop. I have a problem with hibernation.
I encounter the same issue that here :
when I click on hibernate or if I run 
systemctl hibernate, 
echo "disk" > /sys/power/state
in a terminal as root.
I get a black screen and the Laptop continues to be turned on, but it's 
unusable, with the cpu and the fan working at maximum with the risk to 
burn everything.

I removed the packages hibernate, acpi-support and pm-utils, but when I 
click on hibernate the same issue occurs. 
I am stumped on the system of hibernation in jessie ... 
Can anyone enlighten me how works hibernation in jessie so that I can try 
to solve this problem ?
it's a real problem when hibernation is triggered automatically when the 
battery is low.

I fill a bug report against the package hibernate but I'm not strongly 
believes that the problem comes from hibernate ?

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