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Re: USB audio device (webcam) for thinkpad 410

On Fri, June 12, 2015 9:18 pm, Michael wrote:

> I bought a Creative Live HD VF 0790 usb webcam, which is advertised to
> work with Linux, and plugged it into a Thinkpad 410s.

In my own limited experience, the easy and foolproof approach to audio
with Linux is to utilize a USB audio interface such as the Lexicon
Alpha (under $50 from www.fullcompass.com), which works flawlessly
with Wheezy and Lenny, as does the Shure X2U (under $100).

Neither of these interfaces requires installation of a driver.  Both
provide a high-quality preamplifier for a balanced-output professional
microphone and an adjustable stereo output for speakers or headphones.
Both are powered from the USB port.

To get audio output in Wheezy and Lenny, I found it necessary to install
the Pulse Audio Volume Control ("pavucontrol") package.

I have no experience with Skype, but the Debian Ekiga package both
sees and works with the USB audio interface.  A few days ago I saw an
announcement that Ekiga development again is active, and work on
version 5 is underway.

Note that balanced-output microphones of very high quality (both
dynamic and condenser) today are readily available and are quite
inexpensive (range $15 to $150).  A balanced line (a shielded twisted
pair) may be multiple hundreds of feet long without degradation of the
audio; this gives great flexibility regarding microphone placement.


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