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Re: USB audio device (webcam) for thinkpad 410

On 06/13/2015 04:18 AM, Michael wrote:

First of all: I can listen to music in all the players, by internal speakers or by headset headphones.

I bought a Creative Live HD VF 0790 usb webcam, which is advertised to work with Linux, and plugged it into a Thinkpad 410s.

According to dmesg, it is recognized by name and the kernel (v. 4.0.5) seems to use the uvc driver.

According to lspci, there are HDA Intel 5 Series / 3400 audio chipset and a 'Mic' and 'Dock Mic' device on PCI.

I can also see a CX20585 'hdaudioC1D0' type 'speaker', which appears as audio device in the players. It appears as both output and mic device in audacity.

Somewhere i read i should make sure /dev/audio* gets created after i plug in the webcam. I can see a /dev/video0 appearing, but there is no /dev/audio*.

What's the output of:

$lsusb -v | grep Device

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