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Re: Memory usage Debian Jessie (stable)

On Tuesday, 12 May 2015 at 15:52, Bob Proulx wrote:


> However note that he original poster in this thread was complaining
> that his 4G ram machine wasn't large enough.  I still think 4G of ram
> is quite a lot.  Or at least it should be.  It is still sufficient for
> me.  If Debian at this time can't fit in 4G then that is bad.  And I
> said why because there are many smaller ARM machines and I think they
> are the future.  But I think the problem is most likely heavy desktops
> and heavy web browsers.  Those are the traditional biggest bloat items
> on today's systems.

You are correct.  The problem is not Debian.  It may be the particular
suite of software the OP uses.  I can say this with some conviction
given that I am currently running Debian "testing" on an OpenPandora
with 512 MB of RAM.

Performance is not great: it has a 600 MHz processor which I overclock
to 800 MHz but memory is not the bottleneck.  With X11, a window manager
(ratpoison or lxde), emacs and a few xterms, I am comfortably within the
RAM I have.  If I start up Firefox (iceweasel), then problems do
arise...  so I use other browsers such as dillo, lynx or, most often,
eww within Emacs.

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