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Re: Memory usage Debian Jessie (stable)

On Friday,  8 May 2015 at 18:04, real bas wrote:
> It is eally, no matter the installation mode. Thanks for suggest htop.
> Using htop and iceweasel with 1 tab, I'm using 1.3 GB RAM (and 5 MB swap
> used), I don't install any programs or startup any program after install
> debian 8.

1.3 GB RAM may be reasonable depending on whether it includes buffers
and cache.  I suggested htop because it clearly differentiates between
the different memory uses.

See attached screenshot I just took on my 8 core 8GB RAM laptop (to be
on-topic ;-) system which has iceweasel, several instances of emacs,
several xterms, and various sundry utilities (conky, music)
running.  You'll see that about 1.5 GB is green: that's the actual
memory footprint of the active processes.  The other memory use is
mostly buffered memory.  There's a smidgen of swap as well.

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