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Re: Memory usage Debian Jessie (stable)

It is eally, no matter the installation mode. Thanks for suggest htop.
Using htop and iceweasel with 1 tab, I'm using 1.3 GB RAM (and 5 MB swap used), I don't install any programs or startup any program after install debian 8.

2015-05-08 15:31 GMT-04:00 Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com>:
Eric S Fraga wrote:
> real bas wrote:
> > It's early to talk about but the memory usage it's too much (3.5 GB RAM)
> > with Debian Jessie. I using ISO (cd-1) of debian.org and have this problem.

It does not matter that you installed from CD#1 or by another method
such as DVD or network installation.  All are equivalent.  What
matters is what you have installed and then what you have started

> What does this include?
> I find that, with an 8GB system, most will be used but mostly as a cache
> to avoid hitting the disk.  The output of "free" will give you that
> breakdown.  "htop" is also good for visualising the difference between
> actual use and the cache.

+1 for htop.  Install htop and look at its bar graph visualization.

  # apt-get install htop

As my machine is sitting right now with two web browsers open plus
emacs plus dozens of terminals I am consuming 1578M of ram in
userspace processes.  The rest of my 4G total ram is used for buffer
cache.  I have used 1261M in swap space for pages that I have not
accessed in days and it is better not to have in memory.

I find the biggest consumer of ram pages on my system to be the web
browsers Chromium and Firefox (Iceweasel).  The web has gotten to be a
ram hog and when my machine is in need of memory I exit the web
browsers first.


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