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Re: Huawei E3372

Hannu Virtanen <hannu_markus_virtanen@yahoo.com> writes:

> usb_modeswitch -H -v 0x12d1 -p 0x157d

Which usb_modeswitch version do you have?  This device is supported by
default since usb-modeswitch-data version 20140327-1, and should be
automatically switch when it is discovered.

In any case, the -H option won't work for this new device.  Use the -J
option if you want to switch it manually.  That's what the default
config will do:

 bjorn@nemi:~$ tar zxOvf /usr/share/usb_modeswitch/configPack.tar.gz 12d1:157d
 # Huawei E3331

But as I said:  Use the newest usb-modeswitch packages (from jessie).
You need software which is newer than your modem, and this variant is
pretty new.


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