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Re: Solid State Drive BIOS update and Memory Cell Clearing


That was a lot of useful information. Thank you !

No i'm not affiliated :) i'm just occasionally (as a hobby) doing support for people who run into problems. I think i kind of know this OS a little bit, and i have to admit over the years (although i was indifferent at the beginning) i started to hate it. I could write 10 mails each day to the developers, about why the hell dare they impose absurd workloads upon their customers.They really keep people busy, telling them doing things instead of doing things for them. -To be fair, usually i'm called when it's already screwed so i'm biased. And yes it got a few good points. But still. I'm a G/linux user since many years and i always had to fix a lot of things, but it's a very different feeling.

But i didn't dig into SSD so far. For me this is a chance to learn. Yes, i understood your point. But this is old hardware, maybe it's worth a little consideration. (And i'm not gonna replace things because i'm donating these TPs && rather leave investments to the owners.)

I didn't know that partitions are just only logical things nowadays. Does that mean partition layouts are obsolete now ?

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