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Re: Current recommended automatic laptop network configuration tools?

On 09.11.14 14:18, Marcos Alano wrote:
I use Ubuntu and I love Network Manager. I can set multiple profiles
for wired connections and more profiles for wireless connections. I
can set multiple profiles with different static IPs for each one. It
is wonderful. May be you should try.

while this is possible, I (and many others) found it better to use DHCP when
possible, with static IP allocations. I have one static IP for my wired card and another IP for my wireless card.

this way I need only one wired configuration, becaue DHCP applies anytime.

It's not so easy for wireless, because of different SSIDs used, but DHCP
applies there too, so I only need proper SSID/password for different

Brian Flaherty wrote:
> Like many, I have a laptop that I use in multiple settings:
> - home wired
> - home wireless
> - work wired
> - work wireless
> - roaming around (hotels, coffee shops, airports etc.)

> Right now, I used wicd, but I get different IPs at home whether I'm on
> wired
> or wireless.

> I'd like to set a static wired IP at home, but use dhcp wired
> at work.

> What do others do now with these sort of use patterns? Is whereami what
> I
> should learn to use? All the files refer to old kernels, APM, etc. Does
> it
> matter that it is not new?

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