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Adding a localised, company logo

Dear All,
I am a very satisfied user of debian ever since developing my first industrial attachment project on the debian platform with a local telco startup. While the deployment back then was with an Asterisk PABX platform and many IP phones, I am finding my exit from the telco industry by adopting Debian where recycling of old hardware including laptops, desktops, and tablets may be concerned.
While Ubuntu itself after being derived from Debian is releasing even editions tailored towards ARM android devices, the inclination towards debian is simply because I like the Debian universal logo.
Instead of creating yet another a debian fork, like Ubuntu, when we have so many, I fought with myself a fair bit so that instead of digging up an old academic joke about "Microsoft Debian Linux", which will delight me, if my only younger sister will make an uncle out of me I can have something else worthy busying about, like a baby niece or nephew, rather than adding a Singapore flag on a debian 7.5.0 release and then dedicating it in the context of a Pioneer Generation Mr Lee Kuan Yew who is Singapore's oldest founding father alive at 90+ years old.
I love debian <3
I don't know how to address another issue about adopting a Microsoft Public License MS-PL after customising a Debian ISO, I also won't understand the need of configuring a debian ISO for nationalistic reasons under a Chinese language that neither accords with a China simplified Chinese nor with a Taiwan traditional Chinese it's just the weird Singapore populace with majority Chinese that are celebrating 50 years of independence from China, Taiwan, and everybody else mean and evil whom Mr Lee Kuan Yew cried over in 1965. In brief, my younger sister owes me a baby niece or nephew, since my job is minding my own business instead of teaching a younger sister where babies come from, I ended up asking everybody such a query.          

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