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Re: indication on purchase laptop

>> Traditionally, Thinkpads are considered reasonably well designed (and
>> well documented) for maintenance.
> T series is business class I think, especially the older ones.
> The newer ones Lenovo has messed with the winning formula. I own an
> X220, and the touchpad with bumps all over it (unusable),

Seems unrelated to maintenance.

> aiming for a cheaper price point (so a little more flimsy around the
> express card slot than in the past, but still acceptable)

I wonder if historical reliability figures are available.

> and some proprietary bios thing binding to specific wifi cards (I
> think this was fixed with bios updates, and it didn't affect me
> personally, just read about it,

This has been going on "for ever" (at least since my X30) and is only
fixed with 3rd party BIOSes (and such aren't available for all models).
It can be a serious problem, indeed.

> and keyboards have gone all island-keys (yuck).

I've heard go things about them.  I think the island-key shape and touch
wouldn't bother me very much if at all, the change in layout would be
a bit more annoying (I use Thinkpad keyboards everywhere, including
desktops), but this is all hypothetical since I can't imagine getting
used to the 16x9 aspect ratio anyway (and corresponding space wasted
above and below the screen: look at those ridiculous bezels!).

In any case, still unrelated to maintenance, I think.


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