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Re: indication on purchase laptop

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Gerard ROBIN wrote:
> > I want to buy a laptop but I want a laptop in which it is easy to change
> > the fan or change the thermal paste etc ... without the need to disassemble
> > everything.
> Traditionally, Thinkpads are considered reasonably well designed (and
> well documented) for maintenance.

I as well have had a variety of laptops over the years and have liked
the ThinkPads the best.  Generally the IBM ThinkPads were very solid,
reliable and important to me everything worked well with free software.

The newer Lenovo ThinkPads seem to be incrementally eroding from that
high standard and I don't think are as good on the absolute scale of
quality.  However if I were buying a new laptop I would still be
looking at getting a Lenovo ThinkPad because I like them better than
any of the alternatives from other vendors.

I think the T42 was the best in the classic ThinkPad line.  I loved
mine.  I migrated myself from the T42 to a T43p after my display died.
The T43 was a good workhorse but it would get warm and didn't have as
good of battery life for me as the T42.  I migrated from the parallel
IDE T43 to a SATA T60 in order to install and use a SATA SSD.  I
always used the 14 inch models for size and weight over the slightly
larger 15 inch models.  The 15 inch models have a stronger case and
been cooling.  I am still using my several year old Lenovo Core 2 Duo
T60p and it is working great.  I carry it with me everywhere and it
takes significant physical abuse.  I rate it very high on the quality
scale and it is my favorite laptop so far.

Along the way I have used a couple of the small ThinkPad X-series
machines.  I didn't get along with the "scrunched" smaller keyboards
in them.  And they were powerful in a very small case and so became
quite warm!  But they were a pound lighter though so would sometimes
choose to take one traveling instead of my larger T series machine.
If you can get along with the smaller compacted keyboard then the
small X series is fine.  If you need a "real" keyboard then the X
series won't be a good fit for you.


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