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Re: indication on purchase laptop

Quoth Robert Holtzman: 
> I have to cast a dissenting vote. I have a thinkpad T420 I bought off the
> Lenovo Web site approx 2 yrs ago. The frame is plastic and as thin as
> possible. When you pick it up there is enough flex so that the DVD drive
> opens. 
> Does anyone know of a new/recent laptop with a metal frame? *
> * Not Toshiba or HP or a gamers box.

My Chromebook Pixel[0] is really solidly built, and has a solid 
metal frame. However it's pretty much the archetype of the 
not-meant-to-be-opened machine - there are disassembly instructions 
and photos provided by Google (which is awesome), but it's very much 
not recommended. And they do things like use a non-standard SSD 
size, so it isn't replaceable.


0. https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/ChromebookPixel

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