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Re:: Installing debian wheezy on MacBookPro9,1

27.3.2013 11.14 "David López Zajara (Er_Maqui)" <er_maqui@darkbolt.net> wrote:
> I'm trying to install debian on a MacBookPro9,1 computer. But i can't load the OS.
> This is the scenario:
> MBP 2012 not retina Computer.
> Hard disk with 6 partitions:
> 1 EFI
> 2 OSX HFS+
> 3 OSX Boot (Recovery?)
> 4 Basic data (NTFS)
> 5 Basic data (EXT4)
> 6 Linux swap
> The debian partition doesn't appear on MBR partition table.
> I've installed debian and resync tables with refit. Lilo / grub doesn't boot (installed on /dev/sda5). With grub, when i select linux on my refit menu, this option start windows.

I can't help you with setting up grub with efi, but I'm fairly sure that's what you need to do. According to https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MacBook#Partitions, the MBR is limited to four partitions.

If you can get rid of partition number 3 on your list, you have the option of fitting the three operating systems + efi to the four partitions allowed by the hybrid efi-mbr approach. In that case you'd use a swap file instead of a swap partition. The linked page is for Arch, but should be adaptable to Debian too.


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