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Installing debian wheezy on MacBookPro9,1


I'm trying to install debian on a MacBookPro9,1 computer. But i can't load the OS.

This is the scenario:

MBP 2012 not retina Computer.

Hard disk with 6 partitions:

3 OSX Boot (Recovery?)
4 Basic data (NTFS)
5 Basic data (EXT4)
6 Linux swap

The debian partition doesn't appear on MBR partition table.

I've installed debian and resync tables with refit. Lilo / grub doesn't boot (installed on /dev/sda5). With grub, when i select linux on my refit menu, this option start windows.

My third try are with grub-efi. I've installed grub-efi-64, and the grub menu appears. Grub are installed on /efi/EFI/GRUB (/efi are /dev/sda1). But there is another problem:

I can boot the system with the acpi=off kernel parameter. I can see lot of errors with applesmc (applesmc: : read arg fail), but system starts without the integrated keyboard (i'm using a USB keyboard for this).

When i boot without acpi=off, trying with or without noapic and nolapic, the system stucks on boot.

Now, on grub config:

function load_video {
  set debug=fb
  insmod efi_gop

With this lines, the system get stuck on boot after "fbcon: inteldrmfb (fb1) is primary device. fbcon: Remapping primary device, fb1, to tty 1-63" message
Without the first line (set), system goes stuck too, but after reset the screen.

I've tried also to use the noefi kernel parameter but without sucess.

After lot of searchs and information on internet i can't get a response for this problem. Please help with them.

I've installed with a debian wheezy netinst image downloaded yesterday. My kernel are 3.2.0 on 64bits.

Sorry for my bad english.

Please send mails with copy, i'm not suscribed to the list.


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