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Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop


Actually I am sending this again, I was using a different mail reader 
and it seems I didn't send to group, just some guy who quoted me
here(without the full content and/or the context of the earlier note),
so . . .

> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> 
> -hv said: 
> >> I think that you need to get root password. 
> >> You maybe better to reinstall the whole thing 
> Scott Ferguson said: 
> *If* Tina had the root password she wouldn't need to rebuild everything. 
> Yes I agree. *If* Tina had the root password, she could probably fix
> it quite easily.  But now she doesn't have it.

> So maybe best to reinstall everything.
> knowing the root password. (If I knew how to find the root password,
> I wouldn't tell it here.)
> -hv
I have been following this for a while, and i have to chime in... 
Noone needs to reinstall for lack of root.  there are several easy
alternatives, been using for years...  - if you are booting using
grub, and it is not password protected, you can edit your boot command
line by hitting the option to edit, and just put init=/bin/bash at the
end and it will throw you into a prompt right away, then you mount -a
and you can just type passwd root and enter a new password.  -if you
can't get into grub, you can download a cd/dvd live image like knoppix
or debian live, boot using that, mount the partition that your
installed linux is on, chroot into it, and type passwd root.  umount,
reboot, and your done...  -you can burn a grub boot floppy and boot
from it even if your installed grub does not let you edit the bootargs
without a password.  ... depends on the distro installed what level of
security naziism is set up, but you can always get in without the root
password with a little research and attention to details.

heres a link to do from back in the lilo days: 

... heres one for RHEL 

... here is one of my favorite "rescue" floppies (which you can use from usb 
also for newer mach if u have no floppy drive 

... here is a debian link: 
... the list goes on, web searching on "forgot root linux" if you are
not happy with above solutions. 
And, i guess you could reinstall and claim it's "easier" but the
person who installed it originally probably spend some time to get
everything tweaked like sound and such, flash, possibly installed
software that you would have to redo hours/days of work to get back to
what was already there.  so an hour to install, possibly days to
tweak/modify to your satisfaction, or a few minutes of reading and a
few minutes of actual admin.  Your choice.  
I have been watching this email trail progress for over a week already.  
Have Fun!
Dave Moscrip, 
unix/linux sysadmin 
The dude abides . . . GNU - It's Freedom baby, Yeah! 

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