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Fan control (and power-saving in general) on Dell Inspiron Studio 153x

So, I multi-boot my Dell Inspiron Studio 1537 with Windows 7, Debian, and Backtrack (which is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian)...

Windows 7 gets the best battery life out of all of them. I've tried to get better fan control and sensor data in Debian, but, as I recall, the prober from lm-sensors never seems to find a way to control my fans, etc. And, on Backtrack, the fans are on pretty high constantly. As a result, my battery life is noticeably worse with Debian and Backtrack.

Can anyone share any secrets or tips they have with getting better fan control or cpu-throttling or battery life on this line of Dell Inspiron Studio's (the 153x, series)?

- Joe

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