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Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop

of course  you can do it without reinstalling all
and you can do all the things without knowing the password.

(I was not willing to write here all the ways to give all the commands
without knowing the password. So that every ten years old guy can find *just here*
all the ways how to destroy  all the debian os they happen to find... Of course they can find
all the information in the net, but they need some time and persistence to find it. ) 


And it is of course possible, even probable 
that the machine needed some tweaking to
get everything working...

But who needs to get *everything* working? 
I think that what is needed first is to get the net working. 

And it seems that now the user of the machine doesn't even know
the person, who installed it...

And I think that it better that the user knows most of the needed things
herself so that she is not so much in the need of help from somebody else
if something goes wrong. 

That is just my opinion, I know that many people disagree.  

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I have been following this for a while, and i have to chime in...


...  the person who installed it originally probably spend some time to get everything tweaked like sound and such, flash, possibly installed software that you would have to redo hours/days of work to get back to what was already there. 

Dave Moscrip,
unix/linux sysadmin

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