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Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop

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From: Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>

-hv said: 

>> I think that you need to get root password.
>> You maybe better to reinstall the whole thing

Scott Ferguson said: 

*If* Tina had the root password she wouldn't need to rebuild everything.


Yes I agree. *If* Tina had the root password, she could probably fix it quite easily.  
But now she doesn't have it. 

So maybe best to reinstall everything. 

I think that it is not configured the right way. 
And if she would reinstall everything wlan would start working. 
The machine seems not to be old or broken. 

And while reinstalling it she could give to it such a root password, which 
she would remember. 

Somebody made a problem to give the machine away without giving 
the root password with it. It is difficult to configure it without knowing the root 
password. (If I knew how to find the root password, I wouldn't tell it here.) 


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