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automount under gnome 3


i recently completed a clean install of gnome 3 using wheezy/sid.

i'm still tweaking a little and can't seem to get auto-mount to work when inserting or booting with usb drives attached.

i have gnome-settings-daemon 3.2.2-2 installed. mounting 'manually' from the computer:/// location in nautilus works fine - all drives attached are shown here fine - they're just never auto-mounted.

i have automount and automount-open checked in dconf org.gnome.desktop.media-handling.

couple of other issues in gnome 3.2 so far include empathy not notifying when a message is received and software update notifications don't work though i have verified package repository updates do seem to be working - perhaps subjects for a later post after i do some more digging on these.

suggestions appreciated.


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