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Re: sudden freeze

Jenei Gábor wrote:
> Sep 21 11:25:04 DebianNetbook NetworkManager[1183]: <info> (wlan0):
> canceled DHCP transaction, DHCP client pid 2341
> Sep 21 11:25:04 DebianNetbook NetworkManager[1183]: <error>
> So, an error occurs in DHCP. Can it be the problem?

Nope. DHCP is user-space and has nothing that could potentially lock up
the system otherwise.

> Sep 21 11:19:59 DebianNetbook kernel: [   65.147162] PKIMonitor[2255]:
> segfault at 730072 ip b6aac8d1 sp bfa02300 error 4 in
> libQtGui.so.4.6.3[b6901000+a78000]

I'm no expert, but that looks utterly wrong. The kernel should never
have to do anything with a user-space process, and definitely not a
graphical one. If I'm reading this correctly, they somehow jumped to
user-space code from the kernel, which is a big no-no and most likely
the cause of the crash.

> This program is from Aladdin, it's the driver of Aladdin eTokens.

Did it install any kernel modules? If so, those are probbaly causing
memory corruption or something else. Try uninstalling it (or, given
their programming quality if my above reading is correct, reinstall the
machine) and contacting their support.

-- Philipp

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