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Re: sudden freeze

My system doesn't freeze, but it's responsiveness is terrible since the recent Xorg update. Does that sound familiar? Is your system also slow at opening and closing windows?

2011/9/29 Jenei Gábor <jen.gab@gmail.com>

I've been using Debian quite long, but recently I have a strange problem. On my MSI Wind U123 netbook I have the following problem: system boots, it works for about 5-30 minutes, then suddenly it escapes to shell(like when I push ctrl+alt+F1) and the mouse coursor stays in this shell prompt also(the original gnome mouse cursor) After this I cannot do anything, the system doesn't react. Do you know my problem? Or could I debug it form system logs? I guess the problem's source must be somewhere in energy handling, as the problem never appeared me before when I was using the netbook from electrical network, only in case of running from battery. Actually I only can reboot the system by pressing the power button long.

Thanks for your help,

Gabor Jenei

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