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Re: Lenovo T520i X11 Intel i810 "static display" issue- SOLVED

I wanted to get back to you and tell you that I was finally able to
install a 3.0 kernel (Wheezy- not Sid) and you are correct- now my
Thinkpad T520 will resume from sleep properly. Thanks so much!

For some background for others: I had been using Squeeze (kernel 2.6.32-5)
and my T520 would not resume from sleep properly. Looking around on the
web I saw that a number of other people were having this problem.

I first tried to compile my own 3.0 kernel within Squeeze- but alas,
choosing the proper kernel compile options for this beginner proved to be
too difficult.

I then tried upgrading to Wheezy through apt-get install full-upgrade
using Wheezy sources in my /etc/apt/sources.list file. Although this did
upgrade all the packages, it did not upgrade the kernel, and the resume
from sleep problem persisted.

I finally decided to start from scratch and do a fresh install of Wheezy
from a netinstall cd (weekly build). This proved difficult because the
installer kept failing to install Grub, and as a beginner installing Grub
manually proved beyond my skill. Finally, with help from the debian-user
forum (debian-user@lists.debian.org) I was able to install Wheezy.

Now my T520 does resume from sleep properly.

thanks again,
Keith Ostertag

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