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Re: Lenovo T520i X11 Intel i810 "static display" issue

Hi Martin-

Thanks for your reply.

Can you tell me _how_ to "try exactly 3.0.0 from the debian package"? If I
donwload the source for 3.0.3 (the most recent stable kernel on
kernel.org) I will then need to build a .config file- and obviously my
attempts so far have been wrong. I'm new to Linux, and guessing at the
thousands of configuration lines in make menuconfig isn't working for

The most recent debian distribution only uses 2.6.39 (or so), so I am not
sure how you mean to try 3.0.0 from "the debian package".

Can you explain further? Is there some way to get a 3.0.0 kernel with
"default" or generic .config file that will work with debian on my T520?

Keith Ostertag

> Am Dienstag, 16. August 2011 schrieb keitho@strucktower.com:
>> In response to a previous thread:
>> Dr. Mobius, Bill Brelsford, et all:
>> Did anyone find a solution or even a cause for this "static display"
>> problem upon resume from suspend?
>> I see that Martin Steigerwald claims that upgrading to 3.0 solves the
>> problem, but it hasn't solved the problem for me- I am running
>> 3.1.0-rc1 with all upgraded packages on my Thinkpad T520 and the
>> problem persists. In looking around on the Internet I see that others
>> have the same problem, and _sometimes_ upgrading mysteriously helps,
>> but no one seems to know a definitive answer.
>> I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.
> Please try exactly 3.0.0 from the debian package. This is what I am using
> with Debian Sid.
> Might well be that 3.1.0-rc1 has some bug. Its a rc1.
> I am using KDE 4.6.5 with Powerdevil via pm-utils hibernation or suspend
> to ram and both work out of the box.
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