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Re: Synaptics Clickpad on HP Envy 13 & drag'n'drop

Le vendredi 27 mai 2011 à 20:16 +0400, Ilya Ilembitov a écrit :
> Hi, all.
> I own HP Envy 13 laptop running Debian testing amd64. This machine is
> equipped with the notorious Synaptics Clickpad, which barely works.
> I.e. it doesn't support right button click (it recognizes all clicks
> as left button clicks) and it doesn't support drag'n'drop.
> Right button clicks are no biggie, since you can just make a two
> finger click and it will work as a right button click. But lack of
> drag'n'drop support is a great problem - I can't do a lot of stuff
> because of that. The only thing I could google is the blogpost about
> OpenSuSE's patches, but those only enable right button click.

Use xev from term (or xinput), you can see messages. With Gnome, look at

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