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Synaptics Clickpad on HP Envy 13 & drag'n'drop

Hi, all.

I own HP Envy 13 laptop running Debian testing amd64. This machine is
equipped with the notorious Synaptics Clickpad, which barely works.
I.e. it doesn't support right button click (it recognizes all clicks
as left button clicks) and it doesn't support drag'n'drop.

Right button clicks are no biggie, since you can just make a two
finger click and it will work as a right button click. But lack of
drag'n'drop support is a great problem - I can't do a lot of stuff
because of that. The only thing I could google is the blogpost about
OpenSuSE's patches, but those only enable right button click.

Any ideas? I'm not sure if you need any additional info or logs, but
please let me know if I need to post anything else. I'm really
desperate to get this working.

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