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Re: Mini-PCI WifiCard experience?

On Wednesday 19 January 2011 07:53:57 Michelle Konzack wrote:
> It seems OSS Developers give a fuck on GSM/WaveLAN security.
> I have a license for the 5,8 GHz range with 8 channels du to my Alvarion
> BeezeACCESS VL (I am WaveLAN provider) and habe  problems  with  peoples
> manufacturing there own Wifi Transceivers.  I have to sue  them  because
> the disrupet my telecommunication system which is a violation of  german
> law and others.
> How can someone guarantie, the OSS driver are  working  and  confrom  to
> international law?

Actually, the kernel developers are working on properly supporting rules in regards to such issues.  Check out there wiki page at:


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